New Major Changes in Safari 15 that will surprise you

Haytam Bakouane
3 min readAug 2, 2021

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Apple is giving its own touch as always, but this time the new features of Safari are so cool and this will make the user experience way better.

So many things have changed in Safari 15 that developers should know about, and that is exactly what we will be discovering in this article.

- Browser Toolbar and webpage background

The new Safari toolbar which holds the visited website URL, the tabs, and the extensions has changed to a better look and feel, its color is not static anymore, it takes the background color of the visited webpage, and it can be customized by developers by adding CSS.

The toolbar is smart as well, it detects its background color and compares it to the colors of the three left-sided icons, if it is not suitable with their colors, then it changes it to another appropriate color like so:

When using Safari on mobile, you will see that the toolbar is not stuck at the top anymore, now it is positioned at the bottom of the page.

Sometimes this can make a problem when you have content at the bottom of your page, therefore you can use a new CSS function provided by Safari which is called env(), this function tells the browser about a safe area where the content will be, see the photo below

The toolbar is dope now! isn’t it?

- Tabs grouping

This new feature is such a great solution for people who open a lot of tabs, it groups your tabs by names so that you can organize them, save time and stop searching for a tab that you didn’t open 20 minutes ago through a lot of tabs.

- Copying text from images

Now you can copy text from images, Interesting, Huh? This « visual learner » as Safari calls it uses AI, This can be useful sometimes when you would like to copy a code snippet from an image without a need to type it manually.

- Taking notes

From now on, you won’t need a third-party taking notes application, Safari has a built-in taking notes system which allows you to organize notes by tags.

See the Release Note:

So write in the comments your opinion about this, What do you think should be added or removed?

Thanks for reading and I hope you enjoy this article!

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